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The following are excerpts from letters
written by parents and teachers
whose children attended our camp

Omar Morales writes: "…Our son has been struggling with reading, due to a couple of different issues, ADHD and symptoms of dyslexia…we tried sending him to an expensive learning center in Austin…It helped a little bit, but in the meantime he took a big hit when it came to his self-esteem at school…When we saw the flyer…for Reading Heroes, it sounded like this was meant for him…It was an EXCELLENT decision. Reading Heroes helped to keep him engaged in learning for a large part of the summer. In a time where there was a nightly battle to get him to read or do any other homework, Reading Heroes was able to make reading, and learning in general, so much more fun for him. The part that we loved was the supportive environment that the kids are in. They all help, and praise each other for their work and accomplishments. There is no teasing each other, since they are all in the same boat. We sat outside the classroom on a couple of occasions, and listened as the kids, and the instructors, gave each other “shout-outs” for being helpful, being good-listeners, hard-workers, etc. This environment helped him improve his reading skills, comprehension, and other skills such as math and social skills. This was the best 4 weeks of his/our summer.

Audrey Church writes:
"I was absolutely amazed and encouraged by what I saw in Tyler when he would return from camp each day. More than just his reading and math skills improving (tremendously I might add), I was most pleased with his enthusiasm for learning. He would come home from camp each day bubbling over with excitement about fossils or how he could challenge himself to read for 70 minutes straight! This motivation for school work was acquired 100% from his experience with each of you. I was absolutely stunned. Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I so appreciate the extra time and effort on your part to bring the material and learning processes alive creatively and out of the box."

Denise Hinojosa writes: “just thought I would share AnnaLena's good news. Yesterday we attended an ARD meeting to discuss dismissing AnnaLena from Special Ed. The teachers raved about both her and her work. She wasn't using any of the services & she is keeping up with her classes without any modifications. And she is taking the normal TAKS Tests. Of course, everyone at the meeting was in agreement. Plus, this year is her last year of Wilson Reading. They didn't even feel that she needed 504 services, however, I will probably push for it next year.... I wanted to share our good news. Thumbs up to Magic Mirror, I truly believe you set her on the right track!”

Beverly Childers writes: “I am not sure how the teachers did it, but they made it fun to work on reading and writing skills, subjects that are difficult for a child with language processing disorders. Not only was it fun, Kevin showed significant improvement in those skills over the four week program. I am sure that the one-on-one attention from a caring teacher had a lot to do with his progress.”

Juanita Hannusch writes:  "Miller attended Magic Mirror last summer and it was obvious from the first week the HUGE boost it gave his confidence. The effects have been lasting! Last Tuesday we had our 504 meeting at the school. Miller is now reading at grade level! He's really excited about attending the camp again this summer....

Debbie Roberts writes:  "I teach reading for dyslexic students.  The student that attended camp from my class was extremely excited, but a little hesitant about going. After only a few days, he was thrilled about attending and made many new friends, as well as working on his reading and writing skills. What a wonderful way to spend the morning, instead of just watching television or playing video games in the Summer. I believe this experience helped him gain more confidence in reading skills and turned on the light bulb of enthusiasm for his creativity in writing. Last but not least, I believe that he gained confidence in making new friends which helped in developing social skills."

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