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Our Classes and Activities Include:

Wilson Reading Instruction- The Wilson Reading System is appropriate for students who have not internalized sounds and word structure.  It directly and systematically teaches students how to fluently and accurately decode.  It also teaches total word construction, not just phonics.  Students learn to encode (spell) as they learn to decode (read).  This class incorporates a variety of steps that help the students practice comprehension, letter/sound recognition, phonological processing, and fluency skills. (

Read Naturally Program- Since 1991, Read Naturally has helped thousands of students become better readers. Their industry-leading programs develop and support the five essential components of reading, identified by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. (

Reader's Theater- Taught as a combination class with Creative Writing, this class offers an opportunity for students to read and act out fun and enjoyable scripts.  With the use of a large selection of puppets, hats, and dress up accessories, students can practice their oral reading, which helps take the pressure off the child when reading aloud.  Students have the option to perform before the entire group and help create their own performance through props, voice alterations, narrating, etc.

Creative Writing- "Let's write an essay" are sometimes dreaded words to a child with dyslexia.  This class was designed to teach students how writing can be exciting and fun.  Students are taught how to prepare for writing by brainstorming and creating something tangible that is used to spark their interest and excitement in the writing process.  Very often the students are so excited and proud of their final product, that they ask to read it aloud to the entire group of students and teachers! 

Moving With Math- The Moving With Math Extensions learning system is the newest addition to our program offerings.  This version is designed specifically for summer programs and provides manipulative-based activities.  Each math concept addresses the needs of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learners.  Students complete corresponding work in activity books, where they connect the concept to visual representations and practice more abstract operations.  All curriculum is aligned to state, national, and Common Core standards. ( Students also earn pretend money throughout the day, keep a running balance of their account, deposit money in the camp bank, then withdraw their money to spend it at the camp store.  This activity is always a favorite and a huge success! 

Social Skill Building- Each day students will be given the opportunity to participate in individual and group activities that are designed to improve social skills, teamwork skills, self confidence, and self esteem.  These activities bring out strengths in individuals, as well as teach the students how to work together to accomplish a common goal.  Students develop their own "camp contract" detailing how they want to be treated and how they will treat each other.  Twice a week they deliver "mail" to each other, which are written affirmations that help build friendships and self esteem.  Feelings of disparity often fade as they participate and get to know other campers better.

Art and Music- These classes give campers another opportunity to create something special while improving their self confidence and self esteem.  Taught by two very talented and experienced teachers, Art and Music provide a time when students can express themselves artistically, and learn about the fundamentals of each class.

Reading Heroes summer camp program is a place where every child receives encouragement, support, and the opportunity to succeed!

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