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Our Mission is to improve the lives of children with dyslexia and related needs. 

Through the efforts of our Board of Directors, Certified Teachers, and devoted volunteers, we are able to provide a summer enrichment program for children with dyslexia and related reading disorders and needs.  Our summer camp offers a variety of classes and activities which target the unique needs of the children we serve.  For over 19 years teachers and parents of our children have seen firsthand how our program is committed to:

                                                 -  improving reading, writing, spelling, and math skills
                                                 -  helping children overcome feelings of disparity 
                                                 -  building special long lasting friendships 
                                                 -  boosting self confidence and self esteem

Often our campers leave feeling excited about the upcoming school year, and better about themselves!  They've learned ways to compensate and techniques unique to their needs that they are eager to try.  Just as important, they realize they are not the only one trying to overcome struggles in school.  We strive to teach them everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but in our own ways we can all learn to be better at what we do!

Included in the variety of classes and activities we offer, is instruction from the Wilson Reading System.  Many districts in our area use this same research based approach, most appropriate for improving a child's encoding and decoding skills. Specifically, this program incorporates specific, sequential, direct, multi-sensory instruction. Each day our students' reading, writing, and spelling has the potential to improve through the offerings of the Wilson Reading System.  The Read Naturally program is also incorporated into our offerings.  It supports the five components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Other classes offered at Reading Heroes will include Math, Creative Writing, Reader's Theater, Art, and Music. Also included are skill building activities incorporated twice daily to help improve self-confidence, build self esteem, and create friendships.   Through these activities we can tackle feelings of disparity and encourage teamwork.


Reading Heroes is postponed until further notice.
Since our location is at Barton Middle School, we will follow the Hays CISD guidelines 
for using the campus 
as they become available. 

For now, parents can still register for Reading Heroes to secure a spot for their child,
although new dates have not been selected.  Parents will be contacted as information becomes available about dates.

Fill out the form using the link on the "Registration" tab, but DO NOT PAY 

until we know we can resume campus activities. 

On behalf of the Reading Heroes family, I hope you all stay well and safe.  -Laura

   2020 marks our 21st year
offering an
enriching and fun summer camp program!

Registration begins March 1

       Registration information is on the Contact Us/Registration page              
or can be emailed upon request.  

Contact Laura Younts by phone or email 
for registration forms or for more information

( or 512-392-2664)

 Original camp dates that are now postponed:

June 1 to June 26, 2020

                                                                                   Board of Directors
                                 President                 Vice President                  Treasurer                  Secretary                        
                             Jason Younts                Bobbie Lenz                    Ken Lenz               David Ybarra     

                                                                      Executive Director: Laura Younts

Reading Heroes (Magic Mirror, Inc.) is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to improve the lives of children with dyslexia and other reading disorders or needs one child at a time.   Although our location has always been at a public school, we are not associated with any public school offerings.  Because of this, we do not have the funds to provide transportation.  As a non-profit, we have a limited budget and rely mostly on volunteers and sponsorships to keep our camp operational.  Children with dyslexia are at the heart of our efforts and keep us motivated to provide this summer program year after year.

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